Is SEO Necessary For All Businesses?

What Is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the ranking of websites in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and others (though these 3 get nearly all of search traffic). It’s important to have an expert who understands how the search engines rank websites and pages to make sure your website follows guidelines and is optimized properly so it can be ranked well. The search engines use a formula (or algorithm) to rank websites, videos, pictures, and other information so people who are searching for answers can find their answer quickly, easily, and effectively. It is the search engine’s job to solve a user’s query in the best method possible. Because of this, it’s something an SEO expert can optimize for.

What Makes SEO So Important?

The importance of SEO and other forms of internet marketing lies on the goals of the business. Most businesses are continuously seeking growth in terms of customers, patients, revenues, and profits. With search engine optimization, your website shows up higher in targeted searches and that allows your ideal customers and clients to find you quickly and easily.
Does My Website Matter for SEO?

If your website is setup properly and optimized for SEO, it makes it that much better. A number of factors influence where your site ranks for different searches, and having your website properly setup is a key factor.

Another benefit of having a nice website is so your customers can quickly see who you are, what you do, and figure out how to contact you easily to learn more about your services and start paying you!

Do I Need SEO Even If I Only Have A Small Local Business?

SEO is MOST important for small or local businesses. The benefit large companies have over small businesses is the massive budgets for branding and awareness. Many local companies don’t have the same endless budgets for marketing. This is why SEO is so vital for small companies, especially companies with a local customer base.

Search engine consultants can optimize your website for various searches that local customers search for. This allows you to show up higher than your competitors, and in some cases, even dominate the first page by taking up more than 1 spot (there’s only 10 to begin with)! Imagine the benefits of having 2, 3, 4, or more of the spots on the first page for your targeted searches? Imagine what your competitors will think?! They won’t be able to do much because you will be stealing their perfect customers since you will have the dominating presence.

When properly optimized, a website will be able to show up for local, regional, or even national searches. This is great, especially if you are in specific local areas and want to rank for keywords like Saint Charles SEO, Fox Valley SEO company, or SEO experts in Chicago. All of those are possible to rank for when you have your website setup correctly.

How Search Engine Optimization Differentiates You From Your Competitors

With a well-formulated search engine campaign, your brand will begin (or continue) to get the recognition it deserves. By having a large blanket on searches in your area, you customers (and competitors) will be able to see that you really do mean business – and you’ll start taking business from your competitors. Most small businesses either attempt to do SEO work on their own site or fail to do it at all. At the end of the day, you should be spending your time and effort growing your business by doing what you are an expert at – and chances are, it’s not SEO. This is why having a known SEO expert is crucial for your success with your internet marketing campaigns.

Page 1 Rankings Are Where It’s At

As mentioned earlier, a solid search engine optimized campaign can target specific words and phrases, locations, products, and services. Imagine showing up on the first page for all of your industry terms in your local area. Your phone will be ringing with people saying “I saw you on Google and had to call to see how you can help!”

It’s important to only work with a trusted search engine expert when you deal with these types of services. Knowledgeable consultants understand the ins and outs and will only use trusted and reliable methods to get your website ranked. Plus, any consultant who talks about the quantity of mass building links to your website is someone you should be VERY cautious of dealing with. Not only has this been shown to be ineffective, it can be harmful to your website and brand, and cause long-term penalties for your domain that can impact your ability to rank your website in the future (and possibly forever).

Find the best St. Charles SEO company and you’ll be well on your way to ranking highly in all the major search engines. This stuff really works!

Make the right decision with your SEO efforts and work with a trusted SEO expert so they can drive your website to the top, increase your exposure, and start growing your business like you’ve always wanted.