Body Image & How Health Influences The Way You Feel

I know of a lot of people who struggle with body image problems. Especially women, whether they have mothered a child or not. Body image basically refers to the way someone feels or believes they look. It’s internal. It’s within the mind. It’s within each person. It also includes the way you remember things, generalize information, and even whether or not you assume thoughts/feelings. The most common body image thoughts relate to physical appears, including height, weight, body shape, body type, muscle/fat mass, skin tone, skin abnormalities, hair color, hair style, hair length, and a variety of other physical traits.

While most people associate body image with a negative train of thought, a number of individuals experience positive thoughts, feelings, and discussions about their body. Unfortunately, some of them are using this as a coping mechanism to mask negative feelings. Regardless, having a positive outlook and body image is healthy and something everybody should work towards accomplishing. In fact, negative body image has been suggested as one of the reasons why people develop various eating disorders, including but not limited to anorexia and bulimia.

The media also has a strong impact on body image. Since the “perfect” body is strewn across TV shows and movies left and right, many teens (and adults alike) feel they are inadequate. What people fail to realize, however, is that many of these celebrities with “perfect” bodies are actually a hoax. Not in the sense that they are actually overweight and ugly, but they have imperfections just like everybody else. Makeup, airbrushing, and lighting all play a major role in masking any imperfections these actors and actresses do have. Either way, it’s suggested to learn to embrace such imperfections and live a happy, healthy life or make changes to help transform your body in the correct (and healthy) manner.

Another unfortunate fact is the cycle. When someone feels negatively about themselves, it’s often difficult to take the first step to make a change, even though the change could be paramount to the happiness of the person. It perpetuates itself and the individual tends to move further and further from their ideal image. Instead, it’s suggested to make small changes in the direction you wish to eventually land. For instance, if weight loss is a goal, you may want to start by making small changes such as exercising a bit more or even just being a bit more active. Maybe taking a 5-10 minute break during the day for a short walk. Not only can this help you move towards your goal in a healthy and effective manner, it may make you feel more energized and happy to accomplish other goals in your life.

When diet and exercise aren’t working, some individuals opt for assistance through surgeries. It’s not always a negative solution to undergo a safe and researched procedure. One of the most common weight loss procedures is liposuction surgery. A variety of resources are available for more information about the effectiveness, safety, and cost of a lipo procedure, including who provides liposuction in St. Charles, Geneva, and Batavia Illinois.